cutting1t140 How it´s made.

We use a variety of techniques, both old and new, to create our pieces. From traditional blacksmithing to state-of-the-art welding and cutting fabrication technology. Our focus is on producing the highest quality work possible using the best crafting methods for the job. See us cut, bend, twist, hammer and press steel into shape:

Most of my work begins as raw low carbon steel. It comes in 20 ft lengths and the first step is almost always cutting it down to size. cutting1w  bending2w  Many small pieces can be cold bent. Using jigs I make many standard shaped pieces that later are formed into unique designs.
 Once you have all the components made – welding is one way to join them together to finish the piece  fabrication2w  bending1w  Heating steel allows you to shape and bend thick pieces. The dark mask protects your eyes from the bright light of the acetylene flame. Larger pieces are heated in the forge.
Glassblowing.   In 2014 glass artist Marie Formichelli joined a collaboration with Iron Arts to make custom lighting
IMG_1265 IMG_1978Making custom lamp shades with Marie. These will be cold worked to smooth out the base before finishing the lamps.

More pictures coming this winter!